Wednesday, June 20, 2007


i'm in the middle of prep time. somewhere between finding mosquito nets and trying out my new lavalier microphone. it's been the greatest to be surrounded by people that i really like alot these past days... eating, talking, eating and eating. should be jarring, this journey, and as a new friend reminded me, filmmaking, maybe at the very least or the very most, is like bringing back evidence of life changing experiences. evidence. to prove that calcutta worked in totally changing my perspective.


Patricia said...

Hi, Jaime,

Just a note to say we hope all is going well in Calcutta. We found are way to your Blog, thanks to Richard, and we have both bookmarked it. It was great to see you last Sunday and to share in listening to your plans, and to meet your parents. We really enjoyed the Breakfast to send you off. Thank you so much to you and your parents.
We look forward to seeing your messages from India! Will keep checking even when we are in Ireland.
Pat & John Preston, Red Hook, NY

Jamie said...

Hey Prestons!! it was so cool to have breakfast with you!! my paretns had a great time! I hope that you havea great trip to ireland and we can share stories for what should be a great reunion at Julie's...

take care and loking forward to seeing you all again!
peace, jamie